CorpStarter™ Kicks off Applications for the 2018 CorpStarter™ Star Show

NEW YORK, Feb 5, 2018 -- CorpStarter™, a New York City based accelerator for growing companies, today announced that applications for the 2018 CorpStarter™ Star Show are open now.

The 2018 CorpStarter™ Star Show will be held on Aug 17, 2018. “Keep Looking Up: The Future of the Space Economy” is the theme of the 2018 CorpStarter™ Star show. Remarkable progress in new technologies such as robotics and autonomous system, additive manufacturing, advanced materials and miniaturization are dramatically opening a new chapter of manufacturing in space. The 2018 CorpStarter™ Star Show summons entrepreneurs with the passion for innovative technologies reshaping manufacturing in the future.

Since the first show in 2013, CorpStarter™ Star Show has brought together innovative companies focusing on new technologies and connected them with capital. Longfin Corp. (Nasdaq: LFIN), a winning company in 2017 CorpStarter™ Star Show, went public on Nasdaq on Dec 13, 2017. On Dec 18, Bloomberg Technology reported, “Fintech plus cryptocurrency equals about $7 billion. That’s how much the value of LongFin Corp. surged to after the microcap’s stock rocketed by as much as 2,600 percent since debuting Wednesday.”

Lijie Zhu, Managing Director of Dragon Gate Investment Partners, commented, “We aim to gather brilliant ideas in innovative technologies all around the world. As innovation has globalized, it’s critical for investors to have a global view so that they can work better with innovative companies and make investments worldwide and someday, galaxywide.” She added, “CorpStarter™ bridges brilliant ideas and capital. We help them to take off in North America with localized guidance.”

The 2018 CorpStarter™ Star Show is open to all early-stage companies globally. All participants should download and fill out the application forms on the CorpStarter™ website and submit it by May 1.